Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Marriage in Ukraine respects your privacy and takes care of your Personal Data and does everything possible to protect it. This Privacy Policy sets out our handling of your data when you:

(i) register or visit our site https://marriage or related sites or pages (“Site”) or

(ii) contact us to use the products and services provided by Marriage in Ukraine (our “Services”).

The policy also includes information about persons whose personal data we may process as a result of providing Services to third parties and persons applying for a job at Marriage in Ukraine.

Application of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) defines our work with personal data that we collect or receive from third parties, and the purposes for which we process your personal data. In addition, the Privacy Policy defines your rights in the process of our processing of personal data.

This privacy policy will inform you about the personal data we collect and your ability to make a request  for extraction, update, transfer and / or granting access to this data.

Please note that the Privacy Policy only applies to personal data collected on this website.

Information about Marriage in Ukraine

Marriage in Ukraine is one of the largest marriage agencies in Ukraine. The main area of practice of Marriage in Ukraine is migration, family and civil law, which guarantees the provision of quality services in accordance with applicable law.

What personal data do we collect?

We may collect your personal information as part of our business, including your use of our Site if you contact us or request information from us or if you order our legal services as a result of a communication with our employees or clients.

The purpose of personal data collection is:

● improvement of our services.      

● improvement, development and sale of our services.      

● identification of a person.      

● fulfillment of the requests on the site regarding our services.      

● compliance with legal requirements, court decisions or regulatory requirements.      

● fulfillment of the terms of our agreements with you.      

● protection of the rights, property, our safety or the safety of third parties, including our customers and users of the Site or our services.      

● use in the recruitment process.      

● use for other purposes not prohibited by law.      

To fulfill these purposes, we may collect the following personal data:

If you visit the Site:

● Name and position.      

● Contact information, including the company you work for, e-mail, and a social media account, if available.      

● Demographic information such as address, preferences, and interests.      

● Geolocation data.      

● Other information required to provide the Services.      

Marriage in Ukraine is associated with legal persons and other customers which may be personal data subjects. However, while working with clients, certain personal data may be provided to us (for example, personal data regarding the management or staff of our clients or potential clients, opponents, subcontractors and staff).

If you are a person whose personal data is processed by us as a result of providing services to others (including customers-individuals and customers-legal persons) , we will process personal data in accordance with the services provided. Such personal data may include information about the management and staff of customers or potential customers, personal data of opponents, subcontractors and staff.

For customers and potential customers, we also collect data for the sale of our Services. For these purposes, we collect the following information:

● Name and contact information.      

● Other information, such as your marital status or the availability of certain documents.      

● Purpose of service receiving.      

● Additional information, if necessary.      

If you are a potential employee of Marriage in Ukraine:

● Name and position.      

● Contact information, including email address.      

● CV data, including age and / or gender, education and work experience.      

● Other information for potential employment in the Marriage in Ukraine Legal Group.      

We may use your data for the following purposes:

Provision of  the services

We collect and store personal data that you voluntarily provide while using our site and / or our services to enable us to perform the ordered services.

Services for customers

Our site uses various interfaces, which allows you to request information about our services, including electronic request forms and telephone inquiries. Contact information can be requested every time. This information is used to allow us to respond to your requests.

Business management and laws compliance

We use personal data for the following business management and laws compliance purposes:

  • compliance with our legal obligations (Anti-Money Laundering Policy, Anti-Corruption Policy, Conflicts or similar obligations, including, but not limited to, compulsory insurance);      
  • protection of our rights;      
  • protection of the rights of third parties;      
  • etc.      

Marketing information

We carry out the following activities in the field of marketing with the use of personal data:

  • mail marketing      
  • e-mail marketing      

We use the data obtained as a result of your work with the site, our communication with you by e-mail to send you marketing information.

Customer analysis

We analyze your contact information along with other personal data we receive from your work with the site, our communications via e-mail and / or our services that you have viewed.

If you have consented (if necessary ), we use a variety of technologies for personal data collection from the devices and software you use to access the site, including:

  • IP address for traffic monitoring and site attendance;      
  • Connection ID for site usage statistics;      
  • Information about personal or professional interests, demographics, experience with our products and contact information.      

Using this information, we can measure the effectiveness of our content and track the use of the site and our services by visitors. This will allow us to understand which sections of our site are the most interesting and what offers our registered users want to see.

With whom we share your personal data

We may share personal information with the following categories of third parties:

  1. Our team.      
  2. State bodies.      
  3. Professional liability insurers or other relevant insurers.      
  4. Regulators / tax authorities / state registrators.      
  5. Third parties to whom we outsource certain tasks, such as, but not limited to, document processing, translation, software provision, IT support, document and information storage.      
  6. Third parties who provide postal or courier services and help conduct our postal marketing campaigns or deliver documents.      

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

We verify and conclude agreements with subcontractors, having ensured that they process personal data properly and in accordance with our legal obligations.

How long we keep personal data

For visitors of the Site, we store relevant personal data for one month since the date of our last interaction with you and, in accordance with our obligations under the General EU Data Protection Regulation or similar legislation, or no longer than necessary, in accordance with our legal or professional obligations.

In order to provide the Services to any customer, we store relevant personal data for at least two months since the date of the last interaction with the customer and, in accordance with our obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation or similar legislation, or no longer than necessary in accordance with our legal or professional obligations. We may then destroy these files without further notice or responsibility.

Confidentiality and security of your personal data

We take all necessary measures for protecting your personal data provided to us and we have implemented appropriate policies, rules and technical measures on information security to protect personal data from unauthorized access, misuse or disclosure, unauthorized alteration or illegal destruction or accidental loss.

How to gain access to your information and other rights.

You have the following rights with respect to the personal information we hold:

● access      

● correction      

● delete      

● processing restrictions      

● data portability      

● denial      

● refusal of approval      

● filing a complaint to the supervisory authority      

Please note that some of these rights may be restricted if we have a primary interest or legal obligation to continue processing the data or if the data is not subject to disclosure to maintain attorney-client privilege or professional secrecy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure that you are aware of how we use your personal data. We may also make changes in accordance with legislation or regulatory bodies requirements. If possible, we will notify you by email of any significant changes. However, we encourage you to review the Privacy Policy periodically in order to be informed about the use of your personal data.