What are the advantages of marrying a foreigner in Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the European countries where the marriage procedure is available to anyone. You no longer have to wait for months and collect tons of documents. For foreigners marrying in Ukraine is arranged in a short time and with a short list of requirements. The advantages are:

The registration procedure lasts 2-3 days

Low cost of the marriage procedure

The certificate of marrying is valid in all countries

Possibility of marriage between two foreigners

Visa-free regime with more than 80 countries

Possible even during the COVID-19 pandemic

Marriage in Ukraine in 48 hours

“Marriage in Ukraine” is one of the largest agencies for marrying a foreigner in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

Our team includes only the best professionals with many years of experience in the field of migration and family law. We help newlyweds at every stage of formalizing their relationship in order to ensure a carefree start to their married life.


Service packages

Ukrainian + Foreigner

  • Legal consultation
  • Transfer / booking
  • Translation services
  • Accompaniment
  • Obtaining a marriage certificate

Foreigner + Foreigner

  • Legal consultation
  • Transfer / booking
  • Translation services
  • Accompaniment
  • Obtaining a marriage certificate

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions. We are constantly adding the most frequently asked questions to this page.

    1. What documents do I need to get married in Ukraine?

    Taking into account the peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation, newlyweds who have not been previously married only need to submit their foreign passports.

    If one of the future spouses has previously been in a registered marriage, he / she must also have a court decision on divorce.

    2. How long does it take for foreigners procedure of marrying in Ukraine?

    Thanks to the preliminary work with our specialists, the period of verification and preparation of documents is reduced to a minimum, namely 2-3 working days, during which in one day you meet directly with the specialist and on the pre-selected date pass the wedding ceremony at the registry office.

    3. How much does it cost to get married in Ukraine?

    Making it as easy as possible to collect documents, pass government inspections and fill out marriage applications, “Marriage in Ukraine” was able to set the most comfortable price for services, which is € 600, which includes all state fees and the payment of translators and other services.

    4. Does “Marriage in Ukraine” provide services for two foreigners who are marrying in Ukraine?

    Taking into account the many years of experience of our specialists, “Marriage in Ukraine” provides marriage services not only when one party in the couple is a citizen of Ukraine, but also when both couples are citizens of other countries.

    5. How the legalization of the marriage certificate between a foreigner and a citizen of Ukraine takes place?

    Depending on the country in which the couple wishes to use the marriage certificate, our company provides translation into the language of your choice and further legalization of the document, which consists in notarization or apostille.
    All this happens within the deadlines set for marriage, but if the couple is forced to leave the territory of Ukraine, we send all documents by mail to your place of residence.

    7. How does the company guarantee marriage in Ukraine for foreigners?

    After visiting the office of “Marriage in Ukraine”, the couple signs an agreement stipulating all the conditions of cooperation and all the responsibilities assigned to the company’s specialists, which will help you with marrying in Ukraine.

    However, the best guarantee is the feedback of dozens, if not hundreds of couples who, under our reliable support, become families. We suggest you get acquainted with some of them below.