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marriage in ukraine documents

Marriage is one of the most important days in everyone’s life. On this day, the hearts and destinies of two people will be united into one. However, there are circumstances that distract, and sometimes completely spoil such an important event – the question “what documents do i need to get married  and what is a documentary procedure in Ukraine?”

Brides and grooms take on not only marriage organization worries, but also legal ones. In search of information about the marriage procedure, you can come across a huge number of unnecessary, and sometimes completely non-existent requirements for marrying a foreigner in Ukraine, as a result of which you have to spend twice as much time and effort.

So, the first thing to point out is a foreign passport – a document that proves your identity in another country and allows you to cross the border. The national passport is not suitable in case of marrying in Ukraine, as it does not confirm the legality of the foreigner’s stay on its territory, so you don’t need it for the procedure.

The advantage of Ukraine among other countries is the possibility of foreigners marrying in Ukraine on its territory as a tourist. Our country has signed a number of international agreements that abolish the visa requirement. In particular, more than 80 countries from around the world, including all European countries, CIS, Georgia, Turkey, the Baltic States, North and South America, Australia and more.

However, citizens of some countries, who want to get married in Ukraine, still need to have any type of visa, including the DPRK, Lebanon, Egypt, India and so on. Also in some cases it is possible to apply for an e-visa, which also simplifies the procedure for obtaining it.

The next important document for marrying in Ukraine is the divorce document. If a person has been previously in an officially registered marriage, he or she must provide a document confirming his or her divorce before marrying a foreigner in Ukraine.  It should be emphasized that this should be a document that confirms the fact of divorce, and not a certificate of marital status, even if it confirms the dissolution of the relationship.

In particular, to get married in Ukraine, such a document must be the original of the court decision on divorce with wet seals, which has entered into force, or the original of the divorce certificate. Such a document must be legalized in accordance with international law.

What details should be considered?

The Marriage in Ukraine team has prepared for you a full list of documents necessary to carry out the marriage procedure. You should ensure that you meet the conditions for getting married in Ukraine before submitting them.

Given the current situation with COVID-19, you may additionally need a PCR test or certificate of vaccination. We will inform you about this in more detail.

A marriage certificate is the result of the marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine. The marriage certificate will be properly legalised for use in other countries and can be the basis for opening visas, obtaining documents for residence in Ukraine or other countries.

Our organization independently translates and controls documents for marrying in Ukraine and all related organizational and documentary issues that arise in the process. The groom does not need to receive unnecessary certificates or fill out applications, as all documents will be prepared by our experienced specialists.

So, as a general rule, for marrying a foreigner in Ukraine you will need only your passports and stay in Ukraine for the period of marriage, which will last up to 2-3 working days. Our agency will help you with all other worries!

Author: Olena Kozak

Lawyer in the field of family and migration law with many years of experience, specializing in marriages between foreigners and marriages where one of the spouses is a citizen of Ukraine.

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